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IMPORTANT : This game is a slightly improved version of this game.

Be a ninja in a runner that goes faster and faster! Before going at the speed of light, here are some really important security guidelines:

- To jump, please press ↑ (Upper Arrow) (Double Jump available for free)

- To dash, use → (Right Arrow)

- To throw shurikens and destroy red cubes, use Space

- To go back to the main menu, please press Escape

We wish you a pleasant run, and hope your scores will be high!

Hyperspace Ninja Kousoku was a game created by Vladirien, Razeltif, Makazy and Nemix for the CFN Game Jam #1 with the theme "Growing Up". It is a 2D Runner in a very cliche 80's neon style where player is a fast ninja trying to run as far as he can while his speed is growing little by little.

Install instructions

unzip and execute the Hyper_Space_Ninja_Kousoku.exe file


Hyper_Space_Ninja_Kousoku.zip 86 MB

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